Texas Type Schools?

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Does anyone know of and recommend any schools with typography programs in Texas?

I live in Austin, TX and my addiction to type design grows stronger every day. Problem is, I have no formal education on the subject. Books have been a lot of help, but I would really like to take some classes or in some way learn from someone more learned than I.

Also, are there any Texas based type foundries or studios that perhaps I could look into?

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If you want to stay in Austin, enroll in UT.
You won't be sorry.

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I am not necessarily looking to stay in Austin.

When I browsed through UT's online course listings it didn't look like they had any type specific classes. Browse being the operative word there, I may have missed something...?

Did you attend UT, mnot?

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UT would be your best bet....they have the strongest program in Texas. Other than that, you should look at Reading in London, or if you want a closer option....you could try to move close to some american type foundries and pray for an internship.

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I realize this was almost one year ago, but I live in Louisiana and hear good things about University of North Texas from time to time. I attend Northwestern State University of Louisiana, and can't not recommend it enough. Not that the professors are bad, but the rest of the faculty is simply out-and-out useless if you ever have a problem that it is their job to solve (which you will, because they are completely inept.)

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I'm from Texas, and I would say UNT (University of North Texas) would be your best bet. It's one of the strongest design schools in Texas. If you ask me, a lot of their work can be very expected and redundant, but the type is usually handled very well. It's in Denton, a small town near Dallas, which has a very strong design community. Not too terribly far from Austin. Good luck!

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Unless you're talking about designing typefaces. Then, I'm not sure even UNT would have something for you. Hmmm I can't think of any programs in Texas. Again, good luck.

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