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A recommended list of commercial fonts available in affordable collections, usually on CD. Of interest to students and designers looking to begin building a professional typeface collection.

Ascender Creativity Font Pack
Includes Today Sans, Eagle, Coquette and 27 other decorative fonts. - $19.99
Ascender Resume Fonts & CV Font Pack
Includes Ellington, Strayhorn & Ascender Serif. - $14.99
Canada Type Collection 01
Includes Adore, Blackhaus, Coffe Script, Dominique, Flirt, Fontella, Pendulum, Quanta, Runway, Sailor, Torquemada, Treasury, Heathen and Mayfair. - $299.99
Canada Type Collection 02
Includes Ambassador Script, Clarendon Text, Fantini, Jezebel, Jupiter, Mascara, Militia, Militia Sans, Merc, Vip, Vox, Silk Script, Sterling Script, and Swan Song. - $447.95
Adobe Collections
A variety of Adobe type packages.
The Cambridge Collection
200 classic faces from Bitstream - $199
Linotype Funeral Value Pack
Admittedly of limited use, a nice set of typefaces useful for setting funeral announcements.
Softmaker Megafont XXL 2.0
Enormous Collection of truetype typefaces, including (sometimes renamed) classic typafaces like Bodoni, Clarendon, Franklin Gothic etc. The quality varies but this still is incredible value for money, with several high quality families worth the price alone. Only € 49,95
Storm Open Library 2
Reasonable selection of 12 professional OT font families - for 210 Euro.
Storm Type Library 2 - TTF Single License
54 font families, most of them of professional quality. Contains only TTF fonts. - 222 Euro.
FontStars 2007
29 OpenType fonts from 14 foundries. The best new additions to the FontShop collection in 2007. $599.00
FontAgent Pro PLUS (Download) - Mac OS X
FontAgent Pro software with 750 professional Open Type fonts from Bitstream bundled.

Fonts Bundled with Software

Corel Draw bundled fonts
Corel Draw (and, apparently, Corel Wordperfect) comes bundled with a collection of 1000 fonts. The quality of these fonts is debatable.
Adobe Creative Suite bundled fonts
Adobe Creative Suite products come bundled with a large collection of fonts.

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