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A recommended list of commercial fonts available in affordable collections, usually on CD. Of interest to students and designers looking to begin building a professional typeface collection.

Ascender Creativity Font Pack
Includes Today Sans, Eagle, Coquette and 27 other decorative fonts. - $19.99
Adobe Collections
A variety of Adobe type packages.
The Cambridge Collection
200 classic faces from Bitstream - $199
Linotype Funeral Value Pack
Admittedly of limited use, a nice set of typefaces useful for setting funeral announcements.
Storm Open Library 2
Reasonable selection of 12 professional OT font families - for ca. 400 Euro.
Storm Type Library 2 - TTF Single License
54 font families, most of them of professional quality. Contains only TTF fonts. - ca. 390 Euro.

Fonts Bundled with Software

Corel Draw bundled fonts
Corel Draw (and, apparently, Corel Wordperfect) comes bundled with a collection of 1000 fonts. The quality of these fonts is debatable.
Adobe Creative Suite bundled fonts
Adobe Creative Suite products come bundled with a large collection of fonts.
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