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Hello and Happy Holidays!

I have been toying with the idea of going into business for myself as a commercial letterist for some time. I still have yet to make a brochure, business cards, ect. Here are some samples that I was going to put in my brochure. I thought i would share them with anyone who likes lettering as much as I do. :)

Happy New Year!

-Charles Borges de Oliveira

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yes, so nice... well I told you that before, lol

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oh wow, they're really good, nice work

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Very nice work!

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I hope you are doing some handwork in enamel on vehicles, just to fight the good fight against all that vinyl we see everywhere.

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nery cool! Do you do graphic design as well?

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Yes I do graphic design work and font design too.

Happy Holidays!

-Charles Borges de Oliveira

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Great stuff, please send me a mail with your contact details to max (@) jvm.se, would be great to have for future reference. Cheers


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oh me too!

jphillips (@) norcaldesigns.com

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Chuck, here you are among friends and we like your work. Do you plan to put your samples on the web and make it easy to be seen by buyers and those who haven't even thought of using your skills? ===gm===

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Yes I plan on getting a website hopefully soon.
If anybody might be interested in any hand lettering you can reach me at LetteringInc@hotmail.com . Finished Artwork is available in AI or eps formats.
Some fonts I have made can be seen at


Thanks and Happy Holidays :)
-Charles Borges de Oliveira

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