(x) Christian Marclay poster extended slab - Hellenic Wide (several aliases) {Marten Fisher, gang}

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Any ideas about this extended slab?

(sorry) - http://www.aestheticapparatus.com/products/pop.php?c=2&n=40

(poster by aesthetic apparatus - aestheticapparatus.com)

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Looks like FF Zapata by Letterror.

new release at www.ourtype.com : Parry and Parry Grotesque

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I think 58 Rodeo from Baseline Fonts are more likely considering the "swosh" on the R.


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Spot on Marten!

OOOOO that's a nice font!

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There's also this cheapo version - Hefty - but only for Windows.


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'Hefty' is the FontBank digitization of 'Hellenic Wide', and is was once in a Mac version too (which I have), when it was sold as part of the Expresiv Classic Fonts collection by Tiger Direct back in the mid-90's.

- Mike Yanega

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I seem to remember a free font called "Hi Fi Stereo" that was yet another digitization of the Hellenic / Antique style. I'm sure it could be found through the usual means.

- Lex

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Yeah, there have been several threads on this subject as well.

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