A Typographical Statement.

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Hello everyone,

In typography class, our teacher gave us the following assignment: use one of Bruce Mau's statements written down in his Incomplete Manifesto for Growth (http://www.brucemaudesign.com/manifesto.html) into a poster.
It should be all based on typography, so no use of images.

After some sketchwork (scissors&paper), I tried to work things out in Illustrator.

Does it work, do you think? And if so, what about position of the shapes, colour, size? Is there anything I could improve?

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just two quick things:
The space between the 3rd and the 4th seems to be smaller than the first few. The same goes for the space above the red text.
Also, you might want to move the "cut" a bit up/down for the first/last line so the "e" gets cut over right under/over the horizontal line.
Otherwise I think it looks good!

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