How can i make my fonts "embeddable" ...?

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i am using some self-designed bitmap typefaces in
a html-based website. my intention is to have the
fonts available in the site by using microsoft
weft (font embedding tool for web) technology.
it generates compressed font objects (.eot) from
the original type-files and uploads them to the
server with the website.

before generating the font objects, weft makes a
list of fonts used on the site, and shows some
attributes of these fonts. the fonts i designed
are classified as "not-embeddable", and the
software can't make font objects out of them.

i used fontographer 4.1 (pc) to generate the
fonts. i couldn

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Fontlab? :-)

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Fontographer has a long standing bug that incorrectly sets the fstype selection field bits. Different software interprets the mangled result in different ways, and it is possible that Weft prevents embedding of such fonts. Your best bet is to get a copy of FontLab or TypeTool, but you may also be able to correctly set the fstype selection field using FontCreator.

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thanks eduardo and john,

i found out that it is possible to generate
embeddable fonts in fontographer by altering the
parameter in the "os/2 embedding" field.

i just tested it, and it worked fine with weft.

btw, has anybody in this forum ever used weft...?


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If I recall correctly, WEFT will only work on Internet Explorer for Windows.

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