FF Clan by Łukasz Dziedzic

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Of course, the problem with the term "clan" now is that FontFont just released the large FF Clan family by my good friend Łukasz Dziedzic. It's the first Polish type design released through FontFont, and hopefully not Łukasz's last.

Overview of the FontShop release 39:

FF Clan sample:

Łukasz Dziedzic's website featuring some of his other typefaces:

An interview with Łukasz (in English) on rzeczy.net:

Opinions on FF Clan?


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Uau, univers project, looks great, big white, and I am always fascinated by super families.
The FF Turkish text sample is quite funny, its meaning makes me smile.
I will read the interview later, thanks.

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The black/ultra weights of clan are just gorgeous. I could totally work them into a billboard.

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