Looking for applications of VAG Rounded

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I'm searching fo VAG rounded applications, on Logos/brands, Posters, for a presentation.
If you know some, please share it with me.

Thanks in advance

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i just got an email from gap today that was plastered with VAG Rounded. Also (if you're not offended by gay publications) check out Genre magazine.

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Of course this is a digression, but VAG Rounded was half of the working method behind Dead History. The other half was Centennial.

I take it you know that the V.A.G. stood for Volkswagen Automobile Gessellschaft?

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These days it seems VAG Rounded is being used in pretty much every textbook for kids in kindergarten through about third grade. I don't know if you could get your hands on any of those?

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Via Flickr tags:
VAG Rundschrift
VAG Rounded

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VAG stands for "Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft"… Aktiengesellschaft, or AG, is sort of the German term for a company on the stock market. So, if you go back far enough (late 70s? 80s?) you should find VAG Rounded in VW ads or other printed material.

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Ooops! Thanks Dan for the correction there. Apologies to all truly fluent German speakers out there.

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I just remembered - Canadian Tire's print campaign for their financial services uses VAG. Their website uses Futura though.

- Lex

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Tate's is not VAG, but a custom by Practise.

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look at t-mobile as another current campaign in vag.

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The Tate typeface was designed by Wolff Olins I believe ... it is just often customized by Practise.

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> The Tate typeface was designed by Wolff Olins I believe … it is just often customized by Practise.

Afraid not… Practise designed it. The book is in my office so I can’t check, but I believe they and it feature in Type Specific: Designing Custom Fonts for Function and Identity (RotoVision) 2005

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100% vag

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Worth a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VAG_Rounded which suggests that GE Inspira was influenced by VAG Rundschrift. Interesting comparison illustration. Might be worth a mention.

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Great link.

“Many experts in brand research and graphic design believe that VAG Rounded was the inspiration…” — I think a monkey could call that one. Is this taboo comparison?

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Just for the record, Zachary's correct: I've messed around with the Tate font on occasion but it was designed by Miles Newlyn and Wolff Olins as part of their identity system for all the Tate galleries.

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Thanks for the clarification, James. I was the misinformer.

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