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I'm doing a visual koncept for a restaurant where they serve french inspired food. I have made this typographic logo from scratch, and are now beginning to stare myself a bit blind on it, so any crit would be nice. Thank you :)

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I would simplify the peak of the 'A'.

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Yes thats right. It points out to much.

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Do they serve courses carrying them upside down very fast to the tables ?

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haha. I see what you mean. Not exactly. But its pretty motley crowd of people working there so i thoought it would suit it with some not so traditional lettering. They also just hired a waitress with tatoos starting from his hands endeing up his neck.

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LA is a smart ligature after the modification of A's Angle.
Other Recommendations:
Weld the 2 S' to get a Single fonty S.
Replace N with \ so that INE do not look too linear.
Good luck with Flowers

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Hmmm... "... hired a WAITRESS with tattoos starting from HIS hands..."
Leave it to the French to come up with something new and different. Vive La Difference!

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Maybe when the tattoo was started it was a he?


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Waiter not waitress.

Thanks for the crit Aziz Mostafa. Usefull :)

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