Handwritten sans or script with OT alternates

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Hi all you freako's

For an outdoor campaign I am searching for a handwritten sans serif or script - either in to differrent cuts (alternative styles) or as an Opentype font with alternates. Handwritten type often gets "stereotype" so i need to make it more alive.

I hope anyone can help.


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Casual or formal?

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Hehe - something in between. Not too formal and not too casual. At this point any suggestions goes. But if i have to answer in one word, it's: Casual ;) - You're pushing me man.

A little like Canada Type's "Birthday"

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Nick Shinn's Handsome Pro is the thing, available at FontShop or Veer.

The Handsome family has been given the OpenType treatment! Now, contextual alternates (which work automatically in the latest versions of Adobe software) make typesetting with Handsome look even more like real writing. Not only that, but the range of “pens” has been extended to six styles, with Thin (much like a “Fineliner”) and Extra Bold (rather like “Speedball Fat”) versions at either end of the weight spectrum, Classic (a super-elegant version of Nib) and Rough, which simulates the effect of a rollerball or fine-tipped felt-nib pen on ordinary paper, with a subtle “bleed”.

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Nick Cooke

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I had missed that thread, Nick. Very well done!

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our very own Randy Jones is very good at doing hand-lettered fonts that straddle the line between formal & informal. I know he has some projects he's developing, you might contact him and see if he has anything that you would fine useful. Or, check out Christian Robertson's Dear Sarah.

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Another script with alternates: Dearest

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How about Casino Hand?

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