Kerning help needed.

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I'm trying to kern the word MYTH set in AG Super. The shapes are a little odd, and if I balance out the spacing it looks pretty hideous. The following image shows it with no kerning above, and tightened to balance out the spacing below.

If I open the rest up enough to match YT with even a tiny space the entire word breaks apart. Pulling stuff together yielded the monstrosity above. Suggestions?

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Will the type be displayed at a size comparable to what you have posted?

If so, I would suggest opening up the space between T & H and slightly tightening the space between M Y T. Only slightly moreso between the MY than the YT. the corners on the top of the Y should nearly touch the tops of the M and T.

How's this?:

If you're displaying this much smaller, the overall space should open up.

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Final size will be 72 points. I'll try your suggestion.

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You do not have to make all the negative space exactly equal to each other, like in your bottom example. Seventy7's version looks quite balanced, eventhough the spaces are not equal in size.

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