A-Z of Beauty

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Hello all,
I would like to ask you guys for your help. I am looking to gather an A-Z of the most beatiful 'fat' faces out there. I'm not interested in subtly. I want letters that really stand out from the crowd as individuals as well as a set. Don't wory about placing abstract faces either, anything goes really lets have a bit of fun :)

I have added a lovely 'L' very decorative, to get the lkist going.

If someone has posted an 'L' (like me) your not allowed to post that letter again. I'm keen to end up with A-Z lets see if we can make it :)

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We Love Life - Pulp. Right?

Here's a G.

Nick Cooke

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You need to research Nicolette Gray.

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yep - PULP :)

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