thin font needs to be recognized

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Hello Everyone,

It is once again same day of year :) I am trying to recognize this font or yet similar ones. I would appreciate all recommendations here.

Thanks a lot.

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My favorite ID Board thread title of the year! (Even though it doesn't meet the guidelines.)

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sorry about that guys, I must have read this before :(

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A 40 px (or is that 60px with the spacing - I can never remember) high pixel font... these must be rare. Should be easy to find, or else not a font at all.

- Lex

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Why not start with Simpson if something similar might do?

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also similiar: lingua

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The closest I can recall is Boris Moser’s Gruppe set. Particularly Gruppe B.

Although I’ve definitely seen this before somewhere.

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…or Nik Thoenen’s Blender Pro Thin.

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