Typographer.org resuscitated

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Typographer.org went live about half an hour ago with a redesigned site and a new dual format. It's good to be back.


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Very nice design, and a great site. That’s a bookmark! ;-)

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Thanks Goran, I hope you enjoy your visits.

The design is David's -- he's the king of understated refinement. ;^)

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I just bookmarked it to and ordered the Christmas font too :-)


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As we say in Armenian, "makoooooor": clean, in more than one way.
Go get'em guys.


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Sweet on. Where's the FEEEED?

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Yey! I will second the request for a feed. I'm increasingly forgetful when it comes to visiting reader sites and depend upon my Google Reader to keep me reminded.

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Well, I just got called a "bloody type-nerd" by my partners for sending them the url. I'm going to take it as a compliment... good to have you back!

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I'll talk to David about that feed.

Thanks for the support everyone. :^)

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David will sort out a feed, probably tomorrow.

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It seems to be a small problem with the masthead when entering certain adresses.

This doesnt work (from the RSS feed):

The Masthead image is missing.

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