Which serif for FF Milo Text?

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i'm searching for an antiqua or a antiqua-like slab-serif as a compagnion for FF Milo.
FF Milo has (extremely) short ascenders and descenders - so the "classic" antiquas don't really go with it, i think. One i found so far, is Arnhem (OurType) – do you have other suggestions? Arnhem has a quite similar x-height, but Arnhem offers a different Capital-M, which could be a problem.
The face should offer OSF and a minimal range of weights – regular, italic, bold, bold italic.

Thanks in advance, T.

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Without fully testing, Dolly or Fedra Serif might work.

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You could also consider Chapparal Pro Opticals.

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Thank you for your suggestions - x-height/short stems/antiqua(-like), the right "M", all matches – but

After i printed the Fedra Serif A PDF, i think, it speaks too loud for Milo.
Dolly is versatile, but this time not, not with Milo.
Chapparal Pro, i always forget this CS font, pardon i don't like it that much aesthetically.
I mess around with the PDF of Gerard Ungers Capitolium (and C. News)– that looks promising, but it is quite expensive…

We don't stop here :) Please more

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Unger's Oranda might be the thing. Sorry, no OSF.

Also FF Olsen

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