ISTD, Student Assessment Scheme 2007

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greetings everyone,
any ISTD student participants here?
i'm participating from the middle east, Lebanon,
and would like to share thoughts, and discussions concerning the brief.


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Not a student (by a long chalk) but there seem some pretty good starting points there, which one were you thinking of doing?

Tironian sign was a new one on me.


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Tironian sign is completely new to me too, the unicode is a land to discover,
i choose to work with "Et tu, Brute?"
"The investigation of the history of ‘printing types’, for example, leads us to a series of interconnecting facts" is forming a base for my informative publication

because we deal with the "middle eastern" version of the brief;
we have to adapt english and arabic type- interesting and challenging.
if we are to include 1500 words, 750 latin and 750 arabic.

my subject basically the derivation of modern arabic type, through few phases.
there was proposals to latinize arabic type because of printing difficulties;
arabic being cursive and letters are almost always connected
to the phase were printing technology could keep the spirit of arabic script,
and be able to print it seamlessly.
and finally the conversation between the latin world and arab world needed a good
latin arabic adaptation typefaces in order to make bilingual designs look harmonious.

an eye-opening experience. i eat/drink/see/sense type all day because of this project.

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I think I would have chosen that project too.
Keep us posted.

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