Trade Gothic w/ OSF

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Is there an opentype version of trade gothic that has old style figures?
thanks, josh

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Don't think any OSF were designed for Trade.

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There's no OSF in my Trade Gothic, but I'm not sure why a sans face from 1981 needs them–it seems somewhat antithetical.

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I think you meant 1891?

Regardless, by this logic you'd not include euro symbols in fonts designed before 1998. Or would you... ;-)

Cheers, Si

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Maybe leave the cap U and Arabic numbers out of all Roman faces too Si :-)


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For sure - what's a "J" and "W" doing in Trajan - it's a Trajasty! ;-)

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can anybody think of some OSF figures that would work with TRADE... faking it i guess. this is needed for a project and i cant change the typeface but i need the flexability of OSF.

any ideas?

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Baseline shift. Just fake it.

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