A partner for Storm's Areplos?

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Hello... Im designing a logo and have been experimenting with Areplos... which I really like.

The company is B2B, high tech, makes interactive sales tools for Merchandising companies.
Most of these companies in the consumer electronics field.

So, Ive used Areplos and it really looks fab... now I'd be interested in seeing if I could couple it with another face.
Perhaps a face that is just a touch less serif....... maybe not.

If a complimentary face to Areplos comes to mind, let me know... and thx!

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i'd browse the Storm library for something.... depending on which direction you're going, you might like Zeppelin? Etelka? John Sans? Sebastian?

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Thanks... Im still working it.

I put some Amor Serif in and it works as well.

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