Vox a member of double crown club ????

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Can someone please let me know of they have any information about this.
I am writing my dissertation on type classification and I have come across an old web log stating this,


I found this slightly surprising so I was hoping someone might know something more about it and even better have some substantial proof,
I am also looking if anyone has any information on Vox in general and especially regarding what prompted him to work on the classification
Thanks Lou

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What is the double crown club?

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the Double crown club was a club formed around 1932 by Stanley Morison, alongside oliver simon(curwen press) Bernard Newdigate (shakespear head press) , gerard Maynell (westminister press) Francis Maynell (nonesuch press) , Wren Howard, Jonathan cape, and more. came accross this info in the Thames and hudson typography manual, havent found much more info about the group

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Hi Louise

Have you thought about asking Jean-Francois Porchez directly? After all his url's in the listserv link you posted.

Other people who might be able to help;


I take it you're aware of Catherine Dixon's 2002 St Brides conference address? It was about type classification.

The other thing that comes to mind in this context is the Wynkyn de Worde Society.

You could probably look up Vox on both the wikipedia and the French library system.

BTW, Gerard and Francis are spelt M e ynell.

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