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Hi! Happy Thanks giving for all .

I have posted a glyph with 3 images.

1. Regular mode 2 hinting mode 3. Bitmap generated.
I try to show how the grid is shifting in Orange and bright green.
Dose any body know why the glyph is shifting or the grid is shifting ?
Any help is appreciated .

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I must admit that I don't understand what you mean.

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The grid is sifting depending on the pt (PPEM) size. The grid is the pixels & where they can be on or off at a given point size. See how they shift when you are in hint mode & you pick different point sizes? If you want, you can pick a give pt size (8 maybe) and fit your outlines to the pixels available at that size. After that you have to compromise at all other sizes. The alternatives are to simply fit the pixels to your design as best you can ( an outline centric approach) or pick a middle path. Pick two sizes say 12 & 11 ( or whatever ) and make the outlines a compromise that works pretty well ( but not exactly) for both. Does that make sense to you?

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Thanks Adam , I will try again to explain my question.

as you see below are 3 images : the first one regular glyph falls on the grid 75,600

I have out line it in red .
when I click true type hinting (Crt+Sh+F7) (Image2) I see my glyph out line in the same place and it will give me the gray balls with gray back ground in diffrent position and grid (Which I outline in Green)

I generate bitmap I can work only inside the green zone .

My question is is their any way to match the bitmap grid to the original outline of my Glyph? I have also picked simple form to understand how it doen .
By the way current PPM is 12 for all 3 images
Thank you so much Adam .

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Based on what you have written I think the answer is no. The grid of pixels at 12pt ( or any size) is fixed. You can either change your shape to match or accept the alteration. You can Hint a font too; but in bitmaps ( not anti-aliased rendering - that's a whole other thing ) a pixel is either on or off. A hint will be to turn that pixel on or off at a size in particular.

Ah I see I have an email from you!

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