(x) Fonts on House M.D. title sequence - Century Gothic, various similar {Stephen, Skylar, Richard Hards}

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I've been wanting to know this for some time now, but haven't the time to post the screenshots. I am trying to identify both the San Serif of the credits as well as the Serif on the medical diagrams in the background.

At first i thought the San Serif was Futura, but realised it was quite diffrent. Maybe its a variation?


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Sans - Maybe Nobel. Really need a larger sample. Could be Futura after all.

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Never mind. The J and S are wrong on Nobel.

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Ahh, I knew there were some odd shapes in there. Century Gothic.

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Century Gothic


Edit: Oops! A bit too late...

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The narrow S looks more like Century Gothic

than Futura

to me.

EDIT: :-)

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The serif may be hand written (the numerals are at least), but here are some in that style:

ITC Century
News 706

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ahhh century gothic. i knew it looked familiar!

Thanks all!

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