Alternative typeface for Sauna italic

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I’ve been working on my own portfolio and I’ve been eyeing for Sauna italic from Underware to use as heading or captions in my portfolio. As you know, Sauna only comes in package not in single weight. Although, I love the whole package, I can’t afford to buy them. Since I am currently a student. So far, I’ve been using Palatino for the body copy. I hope somebody could give me suggestion a similar typeface like Sauna italic in regular weight for heading.

I like Klavika italic from Process Type Foundry too, but I founded they are too geometric and bit cold. It is not suitable to pair it with my work, because I wanted the overall look of my portfolio as warmth and elegant but also contemporary.

(Palatino as body copy is not final and I also prefer the normal Sauna italic to swash version)

Any suggestions?


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DSType’s Boldina has quite a few similarities.

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Oops! You specified the regular weight, I see. Maybe Oz from Thirstype?

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Nice suggestion, D.

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Thanks. I had it at my fingertips because I had, myself, considered it as an alternative to Sauna, which I bought just last week.

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Have you contacted Underware about the possibility of purchasing only one weight of Sauna? From what I've heard, most type designers and foundries are quite understanding of situations like yours.

- Lex

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Well, I haven't tried to contact them yet but I read from previous post before that someone was looking to buy single cuts of Sauna. It looks likely that he got no luck since Village confirmed that Underware have chosen to license for their full families, except Bello. Even though Village have asked several times to Underware if they consider selling single weights of their fonts.

So far, Oz intrigues me the most. But I am still not sure to go with it. It still not there yet. Oz has the similar rounded feel like Sauna but it lack of the geometric side, very feminine. I guess I am being too picky, it is impossible to found the exactly the same one.

I might give it a try to contact Underware tell them how desperately I need the font.

Thanks for all the suggestion… but I am still optimistic to find something similar. There must be something more similar out there…

- Dian

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If you’re after something a bit more geometric, perhaps Sansa Soft from OurType would fit the bill.

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Did you try to mention Sansa Slab instead of Sansa Soft? cause I can't find Sansa Soft.

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Oh opps I founded Sansa Soft... Sorry, ignore my post before.

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Juvenis from Storm?

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Contact Underware and explain your situation to them. The guys at Underware are very understanding; you might be able to get a discount on condition that you use their fonts for educational purposes only (I'm not sure if a student's portfolio would fit in this category).

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