CD Packaging Inspiration..

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Wishing to look through some good ole' cd packaging designs.

Anyone have any good links? I need a little inspiration for this next project!



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Check out Dave McKean and Stanley Donwood's work. They are among my favourites.

Also, my mate Frank made this recently, and I quite liked it.

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Dave link didnt work :-(

Im really looking for something clean. I do love the 'Frank; work.

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Lot of good things on Asterikstudio, Tavis Smith Seampieces, P.R. Brown (BAU-DA DESIGN), We are the Tourist.

I have also done some CD's layouts, in fact that's freelancer design mission. Check them here:

1, 2, 3. Multimedia track: 1, 2, 3, 4.


digipak 1, digipak 2.


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These guys know how to do a cd:

portfolio > print > cd packaging
clicking next gives you lining notes design, not the next project.
(I say this not because I think you're a moron, just because it took me several minutes to find this

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Kyle, there are also some good books on CD design you might check out, like "Cd Art: Innovation in Cd Packaging Design" by Charlotte Rivers.

Adriano, I like the Moonspell stuff.


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I’ve always been a sucker for the design of the Rachels CDs. The first three anyway – I don’t have the later stuff. Non-jewel case. Printed here in Chicago IIRC.

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Great stuff guys! Kudos!
Adriano -- enjoy your work! :-)

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4AD --
ECM --

Are you wanting the jewel case designs? Maybe I misunderstood. :^/

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