Lend the p an ear

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Hi everybody.

Ever seen an ear on a character that is usually deaf?

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I hadn't before I don't think, and I like that sort of thing*, but I
have to wonder what it's doing here. Is it supposed to be a bubble?

* http://typophile.com/node/28181


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Ah, I get it: the movie has a transgender angle,
so it's not an ear, it's an "extra"... member!
Brilliant, brilliant.


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Wow... a movie poster with an in joke for type nerds. Life is beautiful.

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Reminds me of this logo for an internet supplier, could it be to do with the dog (i've not seen it).

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Oh yeah, I'd seen that before! Also nice.


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An ear for an ear :-)


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Did you notice, that if you touch the logo its ears wag?

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