"Paris Hilton - Confessions of a Heiress" book cover type

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"Confessions of an Heiress"

Now focus on the text, not the background image..

Anything close is fine. (Anything low cost / free = +1 karma points).


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There's no way anyone can win karma points with anything involving Paris Hilton. :^P

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Gah! Paris has now infiltrated Typophile. The end of the world is surely coming!!

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So how was the read?

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Personally, I had no problem focusing on the type.

For free fonts with a similar feel, you might check out Nick Curtis' pages.

Also see the list of legit free fonts.


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It's actually for a client..


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It's in the Beatnik/Spumoni/House Ed Benguiat idea but I KNOW I've seen it before, it's bugging me.

Not as much as Paris Hilton bugs me though...

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A tongue in chic? I bet they think their being chic-y.

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Ah Paris Hilton, the creature with enough money to do some good in the world but would rather let them eat cake. If her family did not own a hotel chain, she may even have to work in one.


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