What goes with Horatio

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So, if you had to pair Horatio with some other typeface, what would you use?
Sans, serif, script - I'm open to any suggestions.

I have a logo set in Horatio, and need to set a slogan under it but I haven't
found any typeface that I think goes well with Horatio.
The first thought was a geometric slab serif, but again, the results have
been quite dissapointing.

Any ideas?

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Something in serif with low contrast. Maybe fat wedge serifs. Hmm.

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A little more contrast than that. What about Absara?

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What kind of company are they? What image are they aiming for? Is the logo all uppercase, lowercase or mixed? Is there a mark?

I would guess that a face that suited a logo containing that C, G, O or Q might be different from one that didn't.


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The logo is lowercase and it's for a companyt that manufactures and sells agricultural farm equipment. Don't get too stuck on that, the main problem is to find something visually pleasing and it seems really hard to find.

BTW I tried with some serif italics and it didn't look absolutely horrible, only a little. Maybe that would be the way to go?

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