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Now i know i got some problems but this is very first sketch for the logotype.

All the letters are hand made then vector with Illustrator.

I'd like comments so i can focus on the specific problems needs to be fixed (there's lots of those).

Thanks for the help.

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What is the market? Do the stars apply?

Edit: Darnit! I wish the title showed up on the page. OK! I see that is for candy. What kind of candy? Is this adult candy? Pre-school candy?

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Same question here:
Who are your audiance?

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the audience is children mostly. not expensive products, very strong flavors, colorful, advanterous and fantastic.

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Start over

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the brand name is caster's (caster as spellcaster and the name of the owner)


btw - the name does not matter it could be either, the decision has not yet been made: casters or caster's

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It's definitely got a sort of Middle Eastern / Aladdin feel to it. If this is what you're going for, then it's working.

A couple of things - the crossbar on the 'T' and the middle bar of the 'E' are a little too thick. The bowl of the 'R' seems a little light. Also, the 'C' seems to plain. Try giving it a little spur like the 'S' has.

- Lex

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This doesn't strike me as child-like. Where is this candybar going to be sold? Internationally?

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hmmmm, now i think the type looks too like some ethnic cuisine restaurant etc. i think there needs to be colour in there for kids to be attracted to it and all bubbly, fun, exciting and colourful. don't know if the others agree though. It's not exciting enough for kids. sorry but if it was older than 18 and for a restaurant or some ethnic food place like take away but without stars, then it seems ok but as its not for them, i think you need to see other companies selling sweets/candy and see how they are attracted. go and stand in a sweet shop and see what kids go for first and you might want to link it with their psychology and use shapes they look out for first or colours.

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colorful, advanterous and fantastic

Yet i can't see any of those reflected in the current sketch. Do you have any other ideas? What was the concept behind this one?

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yah, I'll chime in here and say, I think you've missed the mark.

how exactly DOES the company wish to connect with people?

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design, Melbourne
Little Mischief

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Treating it as a piece of lettering, rather than a logotype (with all that implies), you have the CAS almost (but not quite) running into each other, while the TERS don't; I think this needs some work on. As Lex recommends I would look at making the crossbar of the T narrower and lighter, the centre bar of the E slightly shorter and lighter, the bowl and leg of the R wider and more fluid and the middle section of the Ss have a sudden change of stress, the A has a fairly geometric shape to its right leg especially, while the C doesn't have the calligraphic aspects of the other characters. I think I would make the C larger and work on the interaction between the characters.

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"I wish the title showed up on the page."

Yea...what is with that bug? That's been annoying me for a long time now...

I like the type...has an 'old vegas' vibe. Not sure if that is applicable for the project, but I like it.

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