Warnock pro in magazines? Or anywhere of significance?

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Are there any magazines using Warnock Pro? Is anyone using it for much of anything? Given that it comes with CS/CS2 I should be seeing it all over the place, but I don't really see it much at all.

Am I just blind to use of this font? Or is it being overlooked in favor of Adobe Garamond, Caslon, Minion, etc.?

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Adobe's annual report?

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It's a really excellent family, so I should think you'd be pleased it's not over-exposed! Why do you care if it's been noticed or not? If you like it, giddyup!

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Why do you care if it’s been noticed or not?

I'm just interested in seeing if anyone is doing anything really cool with it.

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I set our 4 Faculty booklets in Warnock Pro. These are used for all our undergraduate recruiting.

If I had my way, I would set the University's Course Calendar in it, too, but can't get my fingers in that pot just yet.


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"I’m just interested in seeing if anyone is doing anything really cool with it."

You'll be the first.

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I saw it several times in Barcelona and Madrid (before ATypI Lisbon), more often than I'm used to, so maybe the Spanish have an affinity for it.

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CFO magazine in the U.S. uses Warnock for body text and some headlines.

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My friend Robert Oleś, a Polish book designer with over 1000 books in his portfolio (http://www.d2d.pl/), has been recently using Warnock Pro to typeset prose, with very good results.


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jpad, you're in luck...opposite page 140 of the current (Nov. 27) issue of The New Yorker is a bound-in Christmas gift booklet from Barnes & Noble whose text is set in Warnock Pro. Interestingly, it seems to be the subhead weight, slightly lighter than the regular Pro weight and therefore cleaner on coated stock, as with this piece. So you see Warnock and also its optical weight options. Looks great, by the way!

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That reminds me that one of the first places I saw Warnock Pro in use was inside a Barnes & Noble. They had made signs and put them all over the store, and a lot of them were artificially condensed. :-(

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