A peek at the latest Rdg grad work

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I used to upload some specimens of the MATD students on http://www.rdg.ac.uk/~lts98gl , but as the formats of submitted work evolved this was not enough. There is an interim wiki setup for the at least half of the 2006–07 year on http://wiki.typefacedesign.org where some material is slowly being migrated.
For now, the items most of interest for Typophiles are the pages of recent graduates; on each there is the usual specimen for their typeface, and a document that so far was not public: we call it Reflection on Practice, and is a longer narrative on each project. They make for interesting reading.
I cannot promise how long this resource will be up in this form, but it may prove interesting in the meanwhile.

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Some truly outstanding work here, Gerry. This next generation of type designers are gonna give the current crop a run for their money. Can't wait until they're available for use!

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Thank you for making available the Reflection on Practice documents. There is enough reading material here to keep me occupied several weeks, I suspect. There is some truly insightful work, especially concerning the development of multi-script faces, and I'm sure other type designers and I will find it a valuable resource.

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Indeed, the RoP documents begin to give a glimpse into the kind of work students put into their projects. (The bulk of the work is still "hidden" in a substantial workfile, which it is not possible to make available online.) Too much in the process of typeface design is internalised, in my view. How new designers experience the learning process, how they define a design space, identify decision points and the range of possibilities at each, how they scope solutions and validate results, how they test decisions reflectively down the line, how they build "memory" in a systematic process, all these things are worthy of being discussed outside and beyond each specific project. The RoPs begin to do that, although I'm sure the specs will change every year (...).

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