"Photographs by Tish" geometric sans, similar to Avenir

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Any ideas what this is anyone? Looks a bit like an avenir/Avante Garde inspired creation.
http://typophile.com/files/Picture 3_12.png

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To me this looks like it could be made up from parts of Chalet, with the exception of the 'a' and 'p', which I think were custom drawn. I could find no sans serif faces with those two letters drawn that way, in a search of over 800 families.

- Mike Yanega

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Looks very amateurish to me -- check that 's' and 'g'. My money on it being a freefont.

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Thanks chaps – Found some more examples. Apparently it was designed by an Irwin McFadden in the 1970s for Iowa University:


It does look a lot like parts of Chalet.

Can't find anywhere it's available but It'd be interesting to know if anyone knows any more about Mcfadden.

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