Just gotta ask

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I'm too ansty for snail mail and I know we're suppose to wait for the winners to receive their mail even though pre-lims are out but I guess I'm wondering if someone here knows if the TDC50 letters have been sent. (without goin into detail here, someone can just drop a "yeah they were sent") Y'no water-cooler talk without the water-cooler.

you see while trying to be positive, I'm thinking that perhaps my postman is being really mean. hahahah

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I don't know if the typography (TDC50) notifications have been sent, but the winners of the type design competition (TDC2 2004) have been notified.

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All letters of winner notification in both competitions (TDC50 and TDC2 2004) have been sent out.

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well then, I'll start being nice to my postman again.


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