Fitness Pizza-

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Sorry I know this is wired, but I need to know this font. I was told "Mexicali" but cannot find it.

Thank you!

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It looks like the sort of thing that Margo Chase might do.

Nick Cooke

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> It looks like the sort of thing that Margo Chase might do.

Yup, the day after the all night partying, when she's got a terrible hangover, massive co-ordination problems and is half blind from the booze... :^/

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Maybe not then :^(

Nick Cooke

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Nick, I fear my joke didn't come across properly. :^)

You're absolutely correct about the similarity with Margo Chase's work, but this logo/typeface is of an appalling quality.

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This is some similar stuff by Margo Chase and Adam Roe:

Envision | Percolator

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Isn't 'Fitness Pizza' an oxymoron? Where can I get my hands on some pizza that will make me fit!?

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The same place you get a cheeseburger that gives you six-pack abs, in Fantasyland. :)

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This started out as Herman Ihlenburg's (1882) typeface, Bijou. Fontbank digitized it as Bangle. Then Swfte, one of those companies who put out several "1500 Fonts for a Pittance" CDs full of ripoff clones, modified it to create the goofy font, Mexacali (yes, that spelling is correct).

I can't find Mexacali anywhere but websites full of commercial fonts and ripoffs of same, so I won't link to a copy.

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I've revived Ihlenberg's Bijou, available soon at Type Heritage Project. Bangle was garbage, of course, like a gazillion other faces. What a shame.

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