CIFRA font

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Cifra is my new sans serif font available at t26.
I really would like to know you opinion about it.


Cifra_font2.pdf295.35 KB
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Rui, is there a better way to view it than other than the tester at T-26? Overall it is nice. It reminds me of a few different typefaces, but some of the subtle nuances in the italic separate it. There are a few shapes which I would be tempted to correct, but overall it is a really nice sans.

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yes, i have a pdf file but i don't know how to upload it...

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Rui, click on 'edit' which should be in the black bar just above your first post. Once inside, scroll down a bit and you should see "Attach new file:". Try that.

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Tiffany, thanks

you can now see the pdf.

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