North GA Dermatology

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I'm trying to develop a logo for a Dermatology office. I've gone through a bunch of ideas and these are the finalists. The office does both cosmetic and medical dermatology. What do you think? (colors coming soon)

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What I'm thinking is that the wavy boundary in the first two should:
1) Gently follow the contour of the word (you know, like a bouma :-) by being higher where the "D" and "el" are (both of which you might make taller to emphasize the effect.
2) Look like the silhouette of a person lying on her side.

BTW, the third I don't like, and the bottom one would be great if there's some Swiss connection! :-/


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Hehe. The third was the clients favorite from the last batch. I don't like it either. I'm going to work on the top one some more because it's my favorite so far. Thanks!

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