'Typography as art'

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I'm looking for examples of 'Typography as art' ie where letterform is the only or main part of a piece of art.
If you have any links or suggestions I would be happy to hear them.
Stephen R

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Don't know what to say, or how to thank you all. Cept, you all sure do know your stuff!
Thanks all

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>Who is that Hero? Shy?

Aziz, deleted - is part of a series I'm working on which speaks of the destruction, deconstruction and reconstruction of the written word. It may appear stupidly simple - but it ain't.

This is a great thread, nice question stephen - I see some familiar names who have/do inspire me, and some new ones too.


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Maybe someone with a flickr account can gather images from those sugguested and compile a flickr place for them?

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a little avant-weird, but Jan Svankmajer's films make rather extensive use of typography in fairly unprecedented ways..

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Hiroshige, do you know a Gentleman/Lady named XXX from XXX?
He/She does Destruction, Deconstruction and Reconstruction, All with just XXX?
Guess he/she is XXX years Old but Wondering y XXX is so XXX?
XXX Thanx with XXX

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Hiro! that is freakin' brilliant!


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I don't know if you classify this as art, but it's brilliant stuff.

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Hiroshige, just one question:
How do you write 30 in Roman System?
Equal Thanks with Flowers

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What about M/M (Paris) work with fashion photographers?
I Love it.

The Alphabet


The AlphaMen

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Mathias, what do you love in that precisely?

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Hey thanks for the comps guys!!, for some reason it means a lot to me - must be the cabernet.


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Robert Indiana


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I love these letterpressed posters for the helvetica movie:


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One of my favorites is the Italian futurist Fortunato DePero whose work you can see, at among other places, here.

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Our ampersand poster could be considered an art project. » Contains video «

No apologies for the blatant self-promotion.

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Last week I saw Marian Bantjes presentation at the TDC.

Her work is not only wonderfully imaginative and artistically superb, but it just makes you feel happier, like the old Beatles music. A rare treasure and pleasure.

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I say this periodically: Bantjes is the messiah of PoMo.
So unlike the hooligans of the 90s.


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My work is very typographic - I hand carve linoleum alphabets and print with them on fabric dishtowels, shirts and bolts of fabric. I have an installation hanging in the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln Massachusetts:



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Very nice, Aziz. Are those yours?

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If mine, I would have won at least one of these battles:
With FLowers

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Escape C4 is brilliant!


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I like the work of Catherine Zask, she makes some interesting typographic posters…


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hi guys
Please this is urgent!

Does anyone know if the Kufi Ayah posted on this sheet is copy written? I mean can I use it in one of my designs?

I would highly appreciate a quick answer!

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Tauba Auerbach

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