whose eyes!!!

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hi all

saw these eyes on a sticker in london...

which character do they belong to? its driving me crrraazzy!


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i know this has nothing to do with typography, but you never know...

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Woody Woodpecker?


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Now it's driving me crazy.

Looks toady to me.

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Michelin man - Bibendum - nope

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At first glance they looked like the Middleton frog, but now I'm not so sure.

His eyes look different in the TV spots than they do on the site.

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Visual Trick?
Looks like PinkPanther's eyes + ?

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they could be made up? based loosely on a super old cartoon?

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Oh, I know: the ghosts in Pacman!


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Seems like standard cartoon eyes to me.
This could could basically be from any cartoon or brand character. A lot of product mascots (especially the ones from the 50s & 60s) are drawn with this type of eyes.
My guess is that this is custom made by some cartoon lover.

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This isn't the ID forum! Can't use 'custom' as a get out here? Can you?

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I got it: x•'s eyes + X

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Oh boy...

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Rich, for some reason Casper the Friendly Ghost comes to mind...

BUT did you consider that the sticker (inadvertently or otherwise) might have been placed upside down? It alters the appearance of the eyes considerably.

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I thought it was Bibendum, too, but I guess I'm wrong.

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thanks for all your comments!, dont think they're upside down though ben...

maybe i'll be watching some old 1930's cartoon (my hunch) and they'll be right there,
staring back at me

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