So what is wrong with this logo?

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"So what is wrong with this logo?"

I hope this is a potential client's existing logo and you want to tell them what is wrong with it, not something you designed. If it is the latter, I apologize in advance for picking it to pieces.

In my view:
1. The skyline overtakes the type and makes it hard to read.
2. The letterspaced all-caps Helvetica doesn't work.
3. The text at the bottom is much too small and thin.
4. The skyline is way too detailed for a logo.
5. I don't see how this could be reproduced in one colour without losing "CONDOMINIUM" completely.

Overall it looks very uninspired and thrown together. Nothing about the image says "condominium", and the logo is not very memorable. It doesn't work as a brand.

Hope that helps.

- Lex

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ahh no need for an apology either way, but you are correct in your first assumption. Thanks for the critique and an admirable approach to my very broad question. I just wanted the upfront opinion of other designers on why the logo works not at all.

My real problem is that I need to design a website around this logo. I have been attempting many things and have a lot of ideas but i can't get over the logo.

I have sugguested a new branding (which they need for other reasons besides) but they do not want to commit the funds and time and everything that goes along with it just yet.

So i guess i just need to make a website with the current logo, I am just looking for a better alternative for the client...

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Been there. Ouch. I suggest minimizing the logo's presence & creating a site that draws on one aspect of the logo so it ties together. Maybe the blue or the grey.

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Tell the client that a horizontal logo will suit the website design far better, take the three elements and lay them out horizontally, probably skyline, condominium (maybe without the grad), and keep as two lines the financial management inc, but enlarge it to the capheight (for web legibility purposes). Sometimes gift of the gab helps on the other hand you might find the logo was done by a relation so don't hammer it too hard.

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Eben, I did that so far with the layout, just looking to explore other possabilities. I am considering just creating for them a new logo with their current name for free because I don't like theirs.

timd, i might just do that thanks!

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I have done that too. It only ends in tears. Be more dispassionate. Save yourself. In Psychiatry they have a term for doing that. It's called 'enabling'. ;-)

If you make a nice site with a bad logo it will be clear which is which! There will be other better work later.

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Perhaps the client is flexible enough to allow the logo to be seperated, so using just the type and perhaps incoperating the cliche skyline into the background, or toning it way down.

Then of course you can switch from the all caps helvetica and theyll never know ;)

Lame morning humour

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too many elements for a logo... it could ve been made just out of type and forget about all these building illustrations!!
This logo doesn't work for business cards cuz when u scale it down you wont be able to read the very thin words at the bottom...
this logo doesn't work with photocopying and faxing... (BW)..
ya3ni u it is needed to make contrast in colors and especially the color of the type and the skylines..
But still u can make it look better:
just change the All caps typeface of the word "condominium" and its color and change the thin font @ the bottom and study their kerning...

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its too busy and distracting for me personally. it has so much to look at and i think the best logos are the ones that are simple but have that special touch to it.
something simple but effective.see what i mean?

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