"Seed Science Fiction" Thin Sans Serif

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Does anyone know what typeface this is?

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How old is the sample?

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Check out "Gravur Condensed Thin" from http://www.lineto.com/ (which looks stunning btw.)
(FF DIN Condensed light is too condensed and too thick, i think - is there no ultralight FF Din?)

I checked it in the lineto typesetter - it would say, it is "Gravur Condensed Thin"

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I'm not certain how old this sample is. I also thought it might have been DIN, but the D in the versions I have seen is much more round.

Thanks for the help! I'll take a look at Gravur.

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Yeah, I thought of Din but the shape of the S is all wrong.

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Demonstration – i want the ID, hugh :)
It's Gravur Condensed Thin

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