Fonts and Paint Shop Pro

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Got a question and wondered if someone could clear it up for me.

After spacing and kerning a font to something resembling decency, I test it in a number of packages. They work fine in word processors (eg Word), fine in vector packages (eg Illustrator), and fine in other packages such as Photoshop.

BUT for some reason they dont work fine in Paint Shop Pro. The spacing goes to pot, and the very basic kern feature of PSP just makes the problem even worse.

One package out of ten is not overly worrying, but it is probably the most used package amoung those who would buy and use my stuff.

Anyone else have similar problems, and is there something during creation that could alleviate this problem ?

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I bet paintshop pro doesn't even support kerning.

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From what I am hearing in last couple of minutes, it could be a problem only with specific versions of PSP, mainly version 7. I dont have any versions except 7, so cant test it on any other versions.

Again, this is what the majority of average people are using, unfortunately because it was the most and easily pirated version.

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