what makes up the best portfolio?

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and anyone seen good online portfolios? if so, please could you provide links. thanks.

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This guy is pretty impressive.


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(disclaimer: Neil was one of my design teachers, the guy who did the site is another )

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There are a couple of good discussions on Speak Up about this topic, with plentiful comments and examples...

Number 1, dating from 2004, and the more recent Number 2, from this year.

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Diversity is great, provided it demonstrates a consistent design vocabulary, or something like that.

Sometimes a portfolio should be about showing the full breadth and depth of your abilities, but more often it is to present a sufficiently reliable vision that a potential customer can point to it and say "I want something like that".

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I was not intentionally stating that the best portfolios are always diverse, though it read like that in relation to the topic. I've now edited the link :)

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