What are some display fonts or type effects that elucidate a dashing, sharp, dapper, exclusive...

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I am looking for some font to start with or some great type treatments that you would consider sharp, like James Bond sharp with some Bruce Wayne exclusiveness and a bit of comedic twist thrown in like Ewan McGregor from the Down With Love movie.

Some examples of type with interesting treatments (logos, mast-heads, etc.) would be awesome to start inspring new ideas from.

I think some good font examples would be extremely helpful, though I don't think a font alone would do it. I could be up for some custom type/logotype if someone needs web services in return but I am not sure exactly what I am looking for yet.

And to top it off, I would love most of all for it to have an interesting/modern black letter look to it. But this is not yet a requirement, just a dream.

This is for my personal logo which I always seem lost on. Any help would be greatly appreciated of course, and I will post any examples I can find of what I am talking about. I will probably be looking for examples over the next couple of months. But if i can find something quickly that would be wonderful.

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if that doesnt work search for 'spruce magazine'.

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