Wide Sans Needed

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I need a really wide sans-serif face.

Something similar to Stainless Extended Light.

Any suggestions, typophiles?



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What's wrong with Stainless? Style, price, or do you just one other options?

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I just need more options.

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Cost inst really a factor. It just needs to be the right face.

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loads of suggestions in these two threads:
http://typophile.com/node/28314 -
http://typophile.com/node/27296 -
and one more i found recently:
Etelka Wide

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Etelka is a good suggestion. Seems those on the other threads lack some of the warmth which Stainless has.

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How about one of the Sumo weights of Knockout by H&FJ?

Or Font Bureau's Titling Gothic?

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Thanks guys, some good suggestions here.

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Titling Gothic gets pretty wide, but it still is not as distinct as Stainless.

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Also Extended:
FF QType
FF Signa

Also Wide:

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A little wacky but wide: PTL Zupra Sans

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Those TypeTrust faces are quite nice. I haven't ever heard of this foundry. Good stuff.


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TypeTrust are fairly new. They launched early this year... that's probably why ;-)

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Ahh, so I see. Don't worry, MAC Rhino still has a fond place in my heart. ;)

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