Where is the euro symbol found?

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All recent typefaces contain the Euro symbol, but where do I go on the Mac keyboard to access it?

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On my Mac it’s shift-4. Use keyboard viewer to find out. You can find it in the Input menu (the flag on your menu bar). Check International in system preferences.

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Usually ⌥2 (Opt/Alt + 2). There are some exceptions, however.

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option+shift+2 on a US Mac.

ChrisL €

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Thanks DB and dezcom...Wikipedia offered the answer: option+shift+2 does it. Shift+4 does not work on US keyboards.

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Option-shift-2 was the US Mac key position of the "currency" mark (unicode 00A4)(resembling an "o" with diagonal cross bars poking out around its edges, but not crossing through the middle) before the Euro mark (unicode 20AC) was introduced, and many older font versions will have that character instead.

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And for those people who have fonts produced before the euro was introduced, Adobe added a file folder packed full of different styles on their semi-recent CD.

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Adobe's Euro font is free from their website


Linotype essentials 2 includes Eurofont, plenty of styles here


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mondob: Shift+4 does not work on US keyboards.

That's where the dollar sign is on US keyboards, so it stands to reason one wouldn't find the euro mark there.

(note: My previous comment is edited because currency and euro have different unicode numbers, and are now so noted.)

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BTW, in what context was the "currency" mark ever used?
It seems there would be some cause for keeping it in fonts in the interest of backwards compatibility, but just how much of one?

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