Day 47 : 30 August 2002 (21 entries) * FINAL DAY *

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If you've entered a shirt design and have still not seen it reach the forums, please email us to let us know.

Please note that entries of a sexual nature were excluded from the contest. Let's just say they weren't "on brand."

Thanks again to all who've entered, and best of luck!


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I'd wear 47.009, and Day46 has some cool stuff too.

BTW, you know what bums me? Nobody did anything with "quick brown fox ...." or complete character set showings - you know, like the shirt was a specimen.

Jared, Joe, thanks for the idea and all the work.


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check in the early days Hrant

there was a 'quick brown fox' and a "typophile" letraset sheet in the beginning

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trying to figure out the front of 47.005

leet prestige leet?

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Jared, Joe, et al

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Should we all be afraid of the "sexual content" of 47.020 and exclude it too? If you're going to exclude entries due to content you should say so at the outset. Let's just call it "being up-front."

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It pretty much goes without saying that the Typophile shirt ought to be about typography and not long schlongs. Not saying so explicitly isn't failing to be "up front," it's assuming a degree of common sense.

BTW, 47.002 made me chuckle - perhaps a little too nerdy to actually wear, but funny nonetheless.

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Exactly my point! Here is a clever little visual joke about a long schlong. No harm in it and it should NOT be disqualified. But I know that other designers worked "long and hard" on entries that were excluded on the whim of our friendly hosts. To do so without prior warning in the rules of submission is unfair.

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What you call whim, I call judgement.

What you call clever, I call poor judgement.

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I'm not sure what specific design anybody's talking about, but maybe some people missed the 'long and hard' reference. That is clever, Chuckles.

However, in general, it's one of those things that Goes Without Saying. It's not posted on street signs that you can't walk around without underpants. Unfair?

To have a laundry list of 'rules' would do nobody any good. Just use common sense. is having a T-shirt contest. Maybe you can point your schlong design that way.

:) :) :) :) :) :)

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I'm sure that's the first and last time I'll use 'schlong' in a post at Typophile.

:) :) :) :)

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There's another reason not to fret too much about shirts that were excluded from viewing: we're not voting for the winner - there's *judges*.


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Joe -
elite prestige elite? or maybe its Leet..pronouced "light" light prestige elite? please say I can relate to it even a small teeny bit.

I like puzzles, but now that you've explained it I feel so uncool. I played UT, I really really did, I really really sucked and couldn't get on a clan. like, oh my god, double uncool. eh? like I suck.

ya thanks for all the stuff you guys did and sorry about all those emails,, thanks for the debates. Hrant, Christopher, bj - was fun, and geez louise will the other women speak up here too already? We're penetrating your ol boys club. har har penetrating,...catch that Charles?.

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> the other women speak up here too already?

Yes please. For one thing, you're supposed to be the majority in the graphic arts (although not at all in type design specifically), right?


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Good one, Tanya.

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you can say that "somebody is leet" or l33t or 1337... just meaning he is cool, elite, pro...
and surely, it's a word more widely used on the internet than just the chat rooms for 14-year-olds.

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I've been around a few circles, some where we would have used that term for referring to our A-lists but I've never heard it. Don't think anyone's ever printed - "Matthew Carter a L33T man" so somehow I think English is still widely used and understood in L33T society.

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my designs didn't have a schlong but still have not been posted. what's up?

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Ok, everyone look the other way while I quickly post these shirts that somehow were missed during our posting process. Thanks to the designers for helping us locate them.

Oh, and there were dozens of designs that we sent back to their designers due to missing font issues or other technicalities. Many of these never came back. Unfortunately, at this late date, we can no longer accept them.




















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bless you...

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bless you

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BTW, when do we know which shirt won?


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You know what I was hoping? That we could have the shirts by the ATypI conference, and whoever was going could wear it there, and that would serve to break the ice in socializing. I'm so shy... ;-) But there's no time left.

So what about this idea:
You design a small Typophile badge/sticker that would piggie-back on the ATypI conference badge, give it to us as a PDF, we print it out, and "wear" it there!


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Running out to the store to buy some fresh milk. Be back in a second...

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Please don't buy that eurostyle vacuum-packed stuff that lasts forever...


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Nah, I'm saving all my money to buy one o' them nifty Typophile t-shirts...

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Are we waiting the results for next summer?
I propose to run a pull-over contest, the weather is increasingly cold.

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my milk has some green stuff floating on it... should i drink it?

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The judging period coincided with ATypI so that probably explains the delay.

Go Green Twinkies®

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ummm... i see tentacles coming out od my milk carton... ;)

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I was wondering why my place was smelling so bad...your right, the milk! It hasn't been in the fridge for a month and a half has it?

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They're gonna announce the winning entry at TypeCon 2003.

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Are most potential Typophile t-shirt customers from the Southern Hemisphere?...
Pease make mine a sweater.


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egg nog

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why there are not a winner yet? too much time to decide...

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Alejandro, check the News section.

Joe, your problem was solved in the late 80s by the software industry. What you do is say "two weeks". That's de facto code for "we couldn't really tell you", but you're not actually saying it. This trick has been used to great effect for many years now, and you can see it popping up now and again, like just recently with Pyrus.


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L337 = leet = elite

An insiders inside joke. "leet" is from an ascii dialect of
sorts that 14 year olds chat with. (I only happen to know
because I played Myth on and had to
navigate my way around them. (Ahh, the good old days

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So the final tally is 386 entries.

Thanks everybody for all your submissions. There are a
good number of shirts here I'd be proud to wear. It's
interesting to see how about 10% of the bunch rise to
the top with solid concepts and quality craftsmanship.

May the best design win.

Regarding: the ommitted submissions. Charles you're
not alone in your sentiment. Early on we decided not to
limit the contest with lots of rules and guidelines.
However, we should've had more foresight and
included a note about suggestive or provocative sexual
references or material that in our judgement is not

The bottom line: that stuff isn't what we're about.

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Multiple choice:

a_ The judges are very particular, being the craftsmen
they are. They need their space.

b_ We're working on it.

c_ If you buy a jug of milk today it will still be fresh
when the judging is complete. (Oh, and if it's soy, it will
still be good when your shirt arrives in the mail.)

d_ Soon.

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Christopher, better buy some spam or twinkies
while you're at it.

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You guys are making me hungry.

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Next time I think I'll keep my mouth shut.
Henceforth when Typophile says 'soon,' we're
referring to our unique brand of Soon.™

Christopher, you deserve a special honorable
mention for 'most runners up' in the tee contest
(3 to be exact). Or should the award be for 'most
prolific contestant?' You decide. I know I owe
you a shirt anyway.

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