What fonts do you think of if you were to design a graphic for the Republican Party?

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What fonts would you consider if you were to design a graphic for the Republican Party?
I have to make a background display graphic for election night. What fonts do you think of when you think of the modern Republican Party? Serif? San Serif? Modern? Script?
Trajan? :)

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Sorry, can't resist... http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/fontmesa/rodeo-clown/ ;-)

Seriously, Arial Black Italic, Franklin Gothic Heavy Italic, something like that.


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I am not going to say anything. I am not going to say anything. I am not going to say anything...

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>I am not going to say anything.

What font would you pick for this chap? he has a font-tastic name, don't you think?


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>I am not going to say anything. I am not going to say anything. I am not going to say anything…

That's some kind of restraint there BC - kudos. As for me...

Aesthetically speaking - it starts off as a strong, yet unsure of it's strength, typeface. One which then just kind of falls apart and/or morphs into a grotesque bastardized type of it's former self.


Long live Lou Dobbs


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I would use the same typeface as the one I'd use for the Democrats.

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some free font;)

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Leaving politics out of the equation and thinking generally, I'd definitely try to go with something American, if possible. I'd suggest a bold sans-serif, preferably one with pretty subtle quirks so that it won't be too distracting (but some are good). It'd be nice if you could use a somewhat uncommon sans; the current administration is constantly being attacked for their terrible, Photoshop-esque banners, so an interesting typeface might be the first step to improving at least that reputation. A quick suggestion would be Metro, a typeface that I'm personally looking at, designed by W.A. Dwiggins.

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My definitive list for the 2 US parties...

Republican Party:
Hobo Gothic
Balloon Gothic
Comic Sans

Democrat Party:
ITC Beesknees
Comic Sans
Kon Tiki Aloha

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Republican Party... A custom design awarded via a no-bid contract, to be paid for by a future generation.

Democratic party... anything as long as it's splineless ;-)

Greens - Clearview

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Timid neutral humor: Elefont

Less so: This foundry has plenty.

Seriously: Futura Bold Condensed. It will subtly remind people of the 1980s, and the success of those years.

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Couldn't help myself. There is another lesser known Yves Leterme from Belgium that might be of interest to typophiles. Not sure about links on forums yet, but try this:

I had the opportunity to participate in a gestural calligraphy workshop with him last summer. A great guy and quite talented.

Stephen Rapp

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Minion Web. It's similar enough to Bodoni and its derivatives that it fits ones expectations for the GOP, but the thick serifs will keep it readable in web graphics and prevent the serifs from buzzing on interlaced televisions.

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Can't resist either: Instantly thought of this.
Cobra 1, get me outta here. Quick.

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I have been looking for a font called "WMD", I have even sent countless experts in to hunt for it. I even invaded MyFonts but could not find it! Did I get some bad intel on this does WMD really not exist anywhere but in my mind? Maybe it is all a grand conspiracy!

I KNOW it is there somewhere and when I find it, it will be perfect for this thread!


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Blackletter, like the Nazis.

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I say see if you can find a really good, conservative serif face made by a minority or woman and then steal it from them. Can't get any more Republican than that.

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Zapf Dingbats

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Oh wait, wait, I know one -- Tasse?

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I don't think people have been very helpful here.
I expect your deadline has passed for this, but i would suggest
ITC American Typewriter Light Alternate.
If you had more time I'd suggest Seb Lester's forthcoming Soho on Monotype, but i don't know the exact release date though.

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Thank you. I guess my question sounded political and so some did not take it serious.
No problem. We ended up using Bodoni. I even tried TRAJAN and they said NO!

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Bailey, I don't envy you having to work for the antichrist. Hopefully they will be weeping under your banner.

I don't know if your avatar is ironic or serious...

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When I saw your avatar, I assumed your post was a humorous poke. Perhaps others did as well? Sorry.


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>No problem. We ended up using Bodoni.

Mission accomplished! ;-)

Some memorable GW backdrops here...

Bush's Backdrops: A Legacy Built from Cardboard

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I still wanna know whether Bailey's avatar is serious or not...

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It's a joke the GOP would never hire someone who claims to be from
"Amerika" - that's disrespecting the troops, and not supporting English as the official language of the USA.

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"Proceso Sans" by Pablo Cosgaya came inmediately to my mind:


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