Basic font dimensions

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What is it "Underline"; where is that line? (position of the middle of the underline in you
font ???) ; "Thickness"?
What is it "Strikeout position"? "Strikeout thickness"?

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Help please !

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Wouldn't this all be relative to the design of the typeface?

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See the FLS5 Manual, p.241:
Underline [Position]: This is the position of the middle of the underline line in your font
Thickness: This is the thickness of the underline line.

[They go into the post and CFF table of an OT font.]

As to Strikeout Position and Thickness, these don't seem to be mentioned in the manual, but obviously it's the same for them.
[These go into OS/2 table of an OT font.]

I'd make Underline as thick as the 'underscore' glyph, and Strikeout as thick as 'endash'/'emdash', and position them according to these two reference glyphs. However, I am not aware of applications that actually use these values. Has anybody made some tests?


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