InDesign CS2 - Styles - How do I print info?

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Does anyone know how I can print off or copy (to paste elsewhere) the paragraph/character style information?

I can see it when I select a paragraph style and go into edit style from the arrow on the pallette, but I can't select the "settings" text to copy and paste. I know I could do a screen capture, but that wouldn't allow me to plunk it into my style guide as editable text.

I'm lazy! I don't want to type it all out. But I would like to document it so that future users are not required to enter the file to find out the style info.

Any suggestions are appreciated,

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Hi Kristina,

This from Nigel French's book InDesign Type:

In InDesign create as many blank paragraphs as you have styles. Assign each of your styles to one of these blank paragraphs. Choose File > Export and choose RTF as the file format. Open the text file in Word and choose File > Print. In the Print dialog box, choose Styles from the Print What pop-up menu.

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Oh, interesting, Jason. I asked on the Adobe forums as well, and I got a script which does it for me. But am glad to know. I was rather stumped and annoyed.


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Thanks back at'cha for mentioning your post on the InD forum. I've grabbeed a copy of the script you mentioned and it'll be nice to be able to generate a list without leaving InDesign.

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Sounds good. What is the link? I cannot find it.


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Found the link. The link to the Adobe forum (which requires free registration) is . The actual link to the script is . The person who posted to provide the script says that it only works with ID CS2. Could prove useful for preparing a future style guide for my newspaper redesign.

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Sorry--should have posted the link right away.

Glad others got something out of it too!


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