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I did a booklet using Perpetua, client loved it. They are now doing a similar booklet, different event. They want a similar look but want to use a different font. They liked the clean, classic yet edgy look. I hoping to find a font with similar characteristics. There is a lot of text and several tables so the slightly compressed character width was very helpful as well. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

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By edgy I assume you mean epigraphic quality of the letterforms. ;^)

I think Warnock has bit of that.

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Thanks for the reply. The words of my client in defining edgy were, "It looks traditional and modern at the same time, legible and clean."

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Warnock is a good idea.

Aries is worth a look, and straying further afield, look at Arnhem. Look at Arnhem Fine, and you'll see the relation.

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Maiola Pro designed by Veronika Burian.
Whitman designed by Kent Lew for The Font Bureau.

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