A 5M pt banner

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From a Repubblica's article.

Yes, DUX.

Created in 1939, made with trees.


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Milton Glaser's Baby Teeth would also work. I don't know of a good source for a digital version though.

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It sure is an interesting way to design type, plant a forest.

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Only an American could relate fascist lettering to the Pac-man logo or Milton Glaser's Baby Teeth. I've already told Mark his Mostra is very nice, but you have to be grown up in Italy to *feel* what the fascist aesthetic was about. The reworking of roman aesthetic was the basis of all this.
For the same reason P22's Il Futurismo sucks big time.

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BTW, the best example of typeface drawn after Pac-Man's logo is Ray Larabie's Crackman. Very good.

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Maybe we missed the poster's point, but politics aside, our job here is usually to try to help someone find a font that is (or resembles) their sample. It's fine for you to say it's Fascist, but they are still letterforms, and as stupid as it sounds the Pacman/Baby Teeth fonts use some very similar shapes. Larabie's imitation is a better Pac-Man simulation, but the shading was not present in the tree shapes, so I picked a Pac-Man font that was just geometric shapes. It's an exercise for fun, not a reason for polemics.

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Sorry for the double post. I got a message that the connection failed. I guess it didn't really.

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Mike when you get an error message, just go back then to topics and come back and like magic your post is posted. Works every time.

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Thanks Dan. I think it's happened that way before, but I wanted to make sure (especially) that time.

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Double post taken care of.

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From the sublime to the ridiculous, we can go from Mark's Mostra to Pacmania and perhaps find something with closer letterforms, but this sort of geometric work with landscape doesn't need a font (obviously).

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